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Four Dog Paws Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 6:30am - 9:00pm
Saturday: 6:30am - 9:00pm
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Q. What kind of pets do you care for?
A. Almost any kind. We specialize in dog and cat care--however, we welcome most other pets as long as they do not pose a danger to our Pet Care Providers. Four Dog Paws does reserve the right to decline care of pets that have a history or showing an inclination towards attacking, biting, fighting animals or people. Pets that are illegal to own will also be refused service.[back to top]

Q. What is the purpose of the Free In-Home Consultation?
A. You and your pets will meet the Manager of Four Dog Paws. The consultation takes about 30 - 60 minutes which we will discuss your pet(s) and both the pet and house service you desire, as well as go over necessary paperwork. If we both agree to continue with the business, Four Dog Paws will obtain two (2) copies of your house key, verify that they work, sign paperwork, and accept payment.[back to top]

Q. Why are you requesting to keep two house keys?
A. Four Dog Paws will hold keys for regular clients so we don't have to keep picking them up and returning them (there is a fee if we need to pick up or return). We prefer to pick up two sets of fully tested keys during our initial visit. The second key is kept in a secure location and is coded so no personal ID information is available. Keeping a key on file also allows us to provide last-minute or emergency visits when needed.[back to top]

Q. What does bonded and insured mean?
A. We are covered by a dishonesty bond that reimburses you in the unlikely event anything is stolen from your home while it is in our sole care. In addition, because we are a professional pet care provider, we are covered by a liability insurance policy that protects you from monetary loss in the unlikely event we are responsible for any accidents that occur while caring for your pets. [back to top]

Q. When does the visit time begin?
A. The visit time starts at the time we enter the clients home and then, ends at the time we lock the front door. [back to top]

Q. Do you administer medications to pets?
A. We will administer medication - pills and drops at no additional charge. We will administer injections for a nominal charge. [back to top]

Q. When is payment due?
A. Payment for one-time or infrequent walks or pet sit visits is due at the time of service. Clients who sign up for regular dog walks will be billed monthly. We accept check, money order or cashiers check (mailing address: 2443 S. University Blvd., #225, Denver, CO 80210).
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Q. What if I need to cancel?
A. Dog Walking clients: No cancellation fee if 48 hours notice given. If less than 48 hours, we would be happy to move your walk to another day during that same week if we have the availability.

Vacation Visit Clients & Overnight Clients: A cancellation policy will apply for all holiday bookings cancelled less than 6 weeks from the first date of the services booked. All other bookings will be assessed a fee if cancelled 3 weeks or less prior to the first date of the services booked. If, for any reason, a client chooses to return on an earlier date than booked, the client is responsible for the entire booking fee. [back to top]

Q. Can I make last minute arrangements?
A. Absolutely! Overnight services book up quickly, so please try to allow two weeks advance notice. If we are unable to provide you with the service you request, we will do our very best to find the next best solution to meet your needs. Most important is that no pet goes uncared for, and no plans are cancelled! [back to top]

Q. What happens if my pet becomes ill or injured while I'm away?
A. During our initial consultation, our clients complete a veterinary and emergency contact form for each pet under our care. If an illness or an emergency occurs, we will first contact your veterinarian, and transport them if necessary to your usual clinic, or to the emergency veterinary hospital, if needed. You will be notified about the situation as soon as possible. Four Dog Paws, LLC is not responsible for costs incurred from veterinary visits. Additional time spent transporting the pet and providing extra care is an additional charge.[back to top]

Q. How will we be kept informed of our pet while we are gone?
A. We understand how important it is to have peace of mind that your pets are doing well. As part of our service, we provide our clients with emails, text messages or voicemails upon request. Just let us know your preference and frequency you wish to receive these. You are also welcome to call us for updates. [back to top]

Q. What happens if I'm delayed in returning home?
A. It is very important that you contact us immediately if you will be arriving home late from your trip. We will be happy to accommodate you. [back to top]

Q. What happens when I get back from a trip?
A. Please inform us by calling, texting or e-mailing us. In addition to this, we will provide a Pet Report Card containing a summary of your pet's behavior each visit. [back to top]

Q.Where will you walk my dog?
A. Your pet(s) and I will explore your neighborhood blocks and local parks for the length of service you have requested. [back to top]

Q. What if there is an emergency in my home, unrelated to my pets?
A. We will do everything possible to resolve the situation without disrupting your trip. We will contact your emergency contact for instruction and if necessary, we will contact you. [back to top]

Q. Can we share pet sitting duties?
A. Unfortunately due to liability issues, we are not able to accommodate this request.[back to top]

Q. How do we get started?
A. Call us at 303.217.1280, email us or visit the Reservations page to schedule your personal Pet Care Consultation.  [back to top]

Four Dog Paws was established to provide professional pet sitting and dog walking services in the Denver Metro area.  We
are dedicated to giving pet owners peace of mind that their pets are cared for while they are away from home by offering an
alternative to kennels. We offer many pet sitting services that are customized to fit the needs of you and your pets.

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